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Some people are under the assumption that doing hundreds of crunches will guarantee a six pack; however, no matter how many crunches you do, this won't shrink away belly fat. What you need to focus on is toning the muscles underneath. Doing half crunches on an exercise ball is a great way to tighten abdominal muscles when you’re balancing on it. If you enjoy organized workout classes, Pilates is another great option for the tummy area.


Resistance exercises, step-ups, lunges and squats are all efficient for toning the butt muscles. Find a sturdy bench to step up onto for one minute with each leg or take a step class. You can also do walking lunges while carrying a light weight in each hand, or with a weighted bat across your shoulders. Remember if you're looking to tone and define your body, rather than bulk up, put the emphasis on high repetitions with lower weight loads.


Good news is that practically any exercise involving your arms will help firm them up. If you wish to target your upper arm area, you can take a boxing exercise class, and work with a punching bag by hitting it as fast as you can and doing 1-5 minute intervals. This will target the fat layer at the top as well as the muscles underneath.


If you really want to tone up your legs, hop onto a stationary bike. Once you build up your fitness levels, try adding hill intervals and increase the speed for a further challenge. If you want something a little more interactive, you can look into taking spin classes since these are equally as effective.


You're working your shoulder muscles when you exercise your arms, chest and back. Use Kettlebell weights to perform upright rows. Use a weighted bar, or pin loaded machine to perform overhead presses. Or, you could always try doing dumbbell shoulder presses with free weights. Try to aim for three sets of 12 repetitions for maximum results.


Rowing has been know as the best exercise for your back and a variety of different muscles. Resistance exercises, cable row machines, or the pin loaded machines will give your back and shoulders a good workout.


Cycling, running and stair climbing are all great calf toning exercises. You can use the stepper machine, bike, or treadmill for 45 minutes to tone calves and legs.

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burpees. burpees is all u need...