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I will update everyone's caption in the card and let's vote for the best one haha 1. @soula81 : Me in the morning :D 2. @neaa : laziness personified!! :D 3. @YinofYang : Beds: Devouring Souls One by One 4. @cheerfulcallie : Inching My Way Out Of Bed
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@cheerfulcallie oh i like that!!
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@cheerfullcallie rofl!! nice one!! centimetering or millimetering my way out of bed..if those words exist! @YinofYang oh.. that's a fab phone..i'll have to save a whole year's pocket money to buy that
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@cheerfulcallie I like that caption, it speaks truth. Also, so good to see you. I miss seeing you! @neaa Aw, thanks. I know I'm lucky to have it. (>_<) I'm extremely grateful.
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lucky you! :D
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