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Josh Groban. The man. The voice. The legend. As you listen to him, his voice magically conquers up powerful images of climbing mountains by yourself, looking into your lover’s eyes in slow motion, and holding a small child while it sleeps.
Josh Groban has managed to impress not only classical music lovers, but also the musical geeks in his new album “Stages”.
The song, "You’ll Never Walk Alone" (which he also performed at the 2015 Tony’s) is the most popular song from the album, but there are some other great classics "Pure Imagination – Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory,” "Over the Rainbow – The Wizard of Oz ,” "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables – Les Miserables,” and I DIED when I saw the perfect mashup "Children Will Listen/Not While I’m Around – Into the Woods/Sweeny Todd."
Kelly Clarkson also makes an appearance on the album, singing Phantom of the Opera fav “All I Ask of You" duet with Groban. While she hits all the notes, her pop-like tone doesn’t match as well as I would’ve liked with Groban’s smooth classical tone.
Sidenote: If you don’t follow Josh Groban on twitter, you probably should. He’s hilarious and the opposite of his oh-so fancy voice (fart jokes and silly pictures of dogs).
My favorite from the album? “What I Did for Love” originally from A Chorus Line. I recall the scene from the musical, and I imagine Josh Groban pining over his lover and it’s perfect.