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Chief Keef was an overnight sensation in the rap world. The Chicago native took the world by storm after the release of his authentic street banger “Don't Like.” Keef began to find success in his music career while under house arrest, as his music videos were met with local acclaim. His success led an unreal bidding war between major labels. In the end, he landed at Interscope records. Despite numerous hit singles under the label’s watch, Keef was released from Interscope. While getting released from a label may cause some to panic, those who are longtime fans of Chief Keef know that he never needed a label backing in the first place.
The attention Chief Keef received increased at a rapid pace due to the release of his mixtapes, "Bang" and "Back From the Dead." His music videos "3Hunna" and "I Don't Like" also went viral on the web. The majority of the promotion of these videos and songs were done on a ground level and very organic. His biggest look came with the video “I Don’t Like” after it dropped on WorldStarHipHop. From a promotional standpoint, Keef didn’t need Interscope.
For 2015 it would be wise for Chief Keef to go back to his roots. The Chicago native also has his own independent label, Glo Gang. With proper management and use of his resources, Chief Keef can become a titan as an independent artist with his own label. He has inspired so many young kids and future musicians. Who needs a label when you have the streets?