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Marvel has a memorable, interesting ensemble of characters. But because the franchise has become so large, it often feels like the company is trying to appeal to a more beneral audience, and some of their characters end up not getting as much screentime. Fanartists use their amazing talents to make sure we don't forget about our faves- even when it feels like the studios do.


She's the protagonist if Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the everyman for the viewer and after this most recent season she's got superpowers that equal those of the Avengers. But Ward has been getting a lot of attention and screentime from the series (despite the fact that he's definitely a cold-blooded villain); in the most recent season there was even an episodes-long subplot that culminated in the fridging of his girlfriend. At least fan artists get how cool she is. By weearts By arthurconan-doyle By Lirhya


Often relegated to the exasperated sidekick, Rhodey deserves to be acknowledged as a hero in his own right. He's a soldier, a canny polotical figure, and somehow he's managed to remain Tony Stark's friend without throttling him. This man deserves several medals. Or his own movie. By vylla-art By callipygianflamingo


It's a little odd that this character is such a major part of the Avengers movies, yet has never had a solo film (if you get me started on Black Widow I will never, ever stop). He's 90% snark, which is all well and good, but he often feels overshadowed by the rest of the Avengers team. He's more than just the now and arrow guy. He almost made it to second base on his Tindr date after all. By thedurrrrian By Sheridan J

Lady Sif

Lady Sif is one serious Asguardian badass. She's super strong, brave, and loyal- all excellent qualities. She's also usually more level-headed than Thor, which makes her a great leader. She could definitrly carry a spi -off series (think Xena: Warrior Princess), but for now we have to settle for (admittedly excellent) fanart. By Rheatheranger By beeboynyc By shono

Sam Wilson

Remember when everyone assumed Sam was Hydra because he was 'too nice'. Yeah let's never do that again. In the comics Sam has gone from The Falcon, to proudly holding the famous shield as Captain America. He was barely present in Age of Ultron, but it sounds like he's going to be part of the future Avengers lineup so there's reason to hope he'll get the appreciation he deserves! By spacefeels By shire-kaiju
gorgeous fanart!! that first lady sif one is just amazing!!!!
@purplem00n23 thank you! That's one of my favorite artists! And one of my favorite characters too ^_^