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Lol absolutely couldn't hush the giggles....the resemblence is uncanny..... and kinda creepy. Nightmare juice right here. Spank you Park Kyung....spank you very much (*´▽`)ノノ This reminded me of how much I love Block B and of course, this episode of Weekly Idol popped into my head. It slayed me....OMG I was laughing so hard I put near rolled off my chair. You know when you're laughing so hard that you almost fall and your heart falls out your ass because you're sure you almost died.....and then you bust out laughing all over again at your own ridiculousness? Yeah had one of those moments.... I'm special lol.
That's it, I'm done with them DONE
@PassTheSuga LOL I like how you made sure to come back and tell me your findings. Now we both know where to direct our haters. ------->
@danidee it's your other left, my dear. But I know exactly what you mean about Swag quality and he's got it.
Thanks for sharing this! I love how every idol group turns totally derpy on Weekly Idol! ^_^
Lol @danidee I've been thinking about it and yes you're correct....it's my left. Your right so in short you're right. I feel cleansed.
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