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If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen - the motto of TV's meanest celebrity chefs who do not mind berating others in the kitchen for any and every reason. Maybe these chefs are deliberately mean for entertainment purposes or maybe they're just bad eggs.
1. Gordon Ramsay is TV's most notoriously mean chef on shows like Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef and more appropriately based on Ramsay's vocabulary, The F Word. Seriously, if you're sensitive, DO NOT google Gordon Ramsay yelling, you will be terrified.
2. Anthony Bourdain's use of profanity on his show No Reservations forced the network to put viewer discretion advisories on a cooking show, which I'm assuming doesn't happen very often. Vegetarians should definitely avoid Bourdain because he's been quoted as calling them "the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit." Not dramatic at all.
3. You might think it's impossible to be mean when talking about cake, but Kerry Vincent will prove you wrong. Once called "the Simon Cowell of cakes", she's a brutal judge in cake decorating competitions, which can surprisingly be pretty cutthroat. Check out Food Network Challenge if you don't believe me.
4. Joe Bastianich is the MasterChef judge known for his terrifying stare who I once heard call a chef's food "really, really, really inedibly disgusting". While he's quieter than Gordon Ramsey, believe me, he's no less brutal.
5. This pastry perfectionist is plenty harsh when MasterChef contestants don't follow her recipes. While she is intense when it comes to pastries, she's also precise, making for some pretty cool dishes like the one below.
If they're capable of making food like that ^^^, I'm fine with them being as harsh as they want.
I really used to like Anthony Bourdain but some of his episodes of Layover are really lame. All he does is get drunk and complain :/
@beywatch - no, but i just googled it and i can understand why.
Have you ever seen the Swedish Chef Gordon Ramsey meme? It's probably by far one of my favorite things floating around the internet.
Ok, not really a chef, but I feel like John Taffer deserves at least some mention here