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Can you believe this performance was 14 years ago?! The iconic performance at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards will forever be a part of pop culture and fashion history.
Just in case you forgot how amazing her performance was, here is a video so that you can relive it again in all its glory.
In terms of performance fashion, Britney killed it (the massive snake didn't hurt in helping her keep the spotlight on stage).
Britney said later in an interview that when she rehearsed with the python, she broke out in hives. She said once she got on stage, she went into "performance mode" and was totally fine with the giant snake wrapped around her.
Obviously, the media went crazy after this performance. There was a significant amount of bad press, from parents, outraged about the sexual nature of the performance, to PETA officials who didn't agree with the how the animals were treated in the performance. Do you remember watching this performance or hearing about it? What do you think about this super famous (or infamous) moment in pop culture history?
Omg! That snake still scares me to this day .
I agree! When I watched it again today, I was blown away by how great of a performer she was/is!
I remember and it was great! She has some great moments and some not so great! Like anyone and any Star! But the Snake was right on!
Maybe Banana also broke out into hives during the rehearsal, you just couldn't see it because he is an albino snake haha
Banana!!! I love that name too. I wonder if he had any stage fright. If I were up there with Britney Spears, I'd be shaking.
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