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Grey has never been considered much of a fun color -- at least not until now.

No unfortunately, we aren't highlighting how amazing Christian Grey is, but we are highlighting how amazing you can look when incorporating the color grey into your look. From your tresses to your lips -- it's so easy to be 'grey-t'. You see what we did there?

Grey hair is a huge trend at the moment.

Don't worry it won't make you look elderly, unless you add a few wrinkles to your look. Show these old ladies how it's done.

You thought it couldn't be done? Think again.

Grey lipstick is bold and daring. It takes the right person to pull this shade off. Are you confident enough? Move over red, there's a new color in town.

Grey nails. Talk about simply chic and minimal.

Not too drastic, but just enough color to feel like a woman *cues Shania Twain*

Grey eye shadow is perfect for a smoked out look.

Don't want to be too daring with black? Cool things down with a grey shade.
Gray hair is beautiful but I'll wait for when I actually get gray hair.
lol soo true @lovelikematoi
I wouldn't be surprised if that's how it plays out, haha @lovelikematoi
ya'd be kinda funny if all these young people who are "stylishly" wearing grey hair end up freaking out when they actually start getting it XD
I'm obsessed with grey hair. I think it's beautiful to naturally grow your own. If I was to dye mine I would a patch of mine grey @AvocadoLove
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