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If you think you're ready for 2PM first comeback track, think again. 2PM kills it with this fantastic teaser (this is a teaser done right!).
The 24-second teaser shows one of the 2PM members (Taecyeon? Chansung? I can't tell!) taking a girl home as the clock ticks in the background. It ends with Jun.K's beautiful voice singing "Take you home tonight." We can hint at what the song will be about, but there's no telling with JYP!
2PM also released the tracklist for album "No.5." which will be released June 15th. Just 4 days away!!! Put your "hands up" and "go crazy" as you wait for this MV!
@danidee His voice is so good! And that's awesome that you got to see them perform! Not going to lie though, my 2PM bias is Chansung so I would've been freaking out about him, haha. ^_^
I'm glad you love Jun.K's voice as much as I do. I never really cared too much about 2PM until I saw them live at a music festival in Los Angeles a while back, where Jun.K sang the South Korean national anthem live at the start of the show. His voice is seriously and incredibly trained. "No Love" is one of my all-time faaaavorite songs too! You can bet that when they came back to LA a few months later, I was waving around my lightstick and being like JUN.KKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! (But his rapping totally embarrasses me. Like in this teaser. "Ay giiiirrrrr.")