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"Under the Pressure" is the best kind of relaxing
Philadelphia-based The War on Drugs are on fire.
Kurt Vile was an original member of the band (and two members of The War on Drugs have played extensively with Vile's band, The Violators), but the group have really seen success after his departure. 2014 saw them release "Lost in the Dream," a really excellent record in its entirety.
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The winner from the album is the opening track, "Under the Pressure". The song slips and slides out of its chorus and around its verses, the keys help it along, and lead singer Adam Granduciel is calm and everything you need to kick back.
If manage to keep your eyes open for the duration of the song, odds are you'll end up queuing it back up at least once. It's definitely one of those songs that I find myself listening to 5 times in one day.
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