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Whether you're hosting a girls night, entertaining (ahem) company, or just want comfy pajamas that don't look like an old college t-shirt and boxers, there are better options out there for you! I gathered the prettiest picks of sleep and loungewear that are summer appropriate, and all under $100! Shop my picks, which range from cute and comfy to sexy and delicate, below.
Note: find the above pj's here.

Colorful matching tops and bottoms

Matching shorts and camis are the most comfortable combination for hot nights. Find a pair in a bright color, fun print, or both! Pieces can also be mixed and matched, but I'm really into the matchy matchy pj's. Get the look here, here and here.

Neutral matching tops and bottoms

If you're looking for something a little sexier, or just something a little more sophisticated, grab a matching cami and shorts set in black or navy blue. Get the look here, here, and here.

Mismatched tops and bottoms

When you aren't into the matchy-matchy look, but want to buy a set together, plenty of places are matching up different tops and bottoms to give you an easy, effortless vibe. Get the look here and here.

Colorful slip

Some think slips are supposed to be sexy, but cute and comfy ones exist, too! Think of it as an upgrade from that oversize t-shirt you usually sleep in. Get the look here, here, and here.

Black slip

If you're looking for a black nightie, expect it to be sexy. Whether it's something you would only wear around... certain company, or something you want to be able to sleep in, that just happens to be on the sexy side, go for a black slip. Get the look here, here and here.

Colorful romper

Rompers aren't just for day anymore! Sleep rompers have actually been around for a couple of years, and they aren't as uncomfortable as they seem. Perfect for lounging around, with no possible wardrobe malfunctions that a slip may provide, but also comfy, the romper may be the way to go. Get the look here, here, and here.

Neutral romper

Once again, if you aren't into colors, or just want something a bit more sophisticated, sleep rompers do come in neutrals, and they're just as comfy and cute! Get the look here, here, and here.
@stargaze I'm tempting myself too! It's a problem!
@Gavriella You're tempting me to update my sleepwear. They're all so pretty!