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Colbie Caillat vs. Kourtney Kardashian
First things, first — I absolutely everything about this dress. The print, the cut, the fit — it's all amazing! Okay, now down to the real matter of business: who rocked this dress better?
Colbie Caillat!
I really like the short hair with this dress. Long hair with the higher neck of this dress makes it a little crowded around the neck area. The peep-toed heels also give some fun to the outfit, where Kourtney's shoes look too plain with the outfit. The dress is black and white, so the brighter pink lip color that Colbie is wearing adds a bit of color to the look.
What's your verdict about who rocked the look better?
You and I have the same preference. Colbie paired it well! :)
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I was going to vote Colbie too!
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