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If you've been searching for an affordable dupe to Urban Decay's Naked Palette because you couldn't imagine spending nearly $60 on twelve eye shadows -- Happy Early Birthday!

We don't blame you for your frugality at all, we feel your pain. It's hard out here for a makeup guru, but times just got better because we've found a palette that is identical to Urban Decay's Palette and it's in your budget.

Urban Decay's Naked palette is indeed quality makeup, but when it doubt -- dupe it out.

Just like there's an app for that, more times than often there's also a dupe for that. If you have no problem spending major cake on eye shadow, by all means, do you boo. W7 'In The Buff's' Lightly Toasted Palette is an exact dupe and who wouldn't want to pay less than $20 for some amazing eye shadow? *crickets* Exactly.


Literally, EVERYTHING. Every shade is identical to the shades in Urban Decay's Naked Palette.


The packaging and compact mirror are the only differences. 'In The Buff' comes in a tin container and does not come with a mirror.