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Don't let the bottle fool you - malta is just a carbonated drink, like soda. Malta is a delicious malt beverage, that has no alcohol in it.
I'd say that this drink requires an acquired taste. It's very different to any of the carbonated drinks you may have had before.
When I was younger, I thought malta was pretty gross. But when I tried this drink when I was a teenager, I miraculously liked it. And if you like this drink, you'll really like it. If you're not careful, you can find yourself chugging a case of it in a day.
Malta is a drink that's popular in the Caribbean, but you can also find it in other coastal areas. You can find malta at any major store like Publix or Winn Dixie.
If you see a kid drinking this, don't call the cops, it's just malta. Totally kid-friendly.
I had a friend that lived in Costa Rica for some time and fell in love with Malta. He was able to find some in the international section of Target's grocery part and was so excited. He's standing with it all triumphantly in his Facebook picture lol.
I prefer the Malta India to Goya, but all in all, this is the greatest drink produced in the islands.