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These photos were taken by German photographer, Rebecca Rütten. She has a series called, "Contemporary Pieces." In these photos, she raises question or a discussision about the Fast Food culture.
During an interview she stated, "during the conception of 'Contemporary Pieces', I became enamored with the eroticism, presentation and charisma of paintings from the Renaissance Period. In the Late Renaissance painters dealt with the middle and lower classes. In my opinion, Fast Food Culture represents these two social classes in the United States today. To eat healthy is expensive. However, one can buy large amounts of food at a fast food restaurant for a comparatively low price."

Idk I find myself hungry all of a sudden now...

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That guy holding the hot dog is my favorite because he's so in character for such a ridiculous concept. I'm going to have to clip this into my Art News collection because I laughed the entire time I read this.