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10 quick and easy Korean phrases commonly heard in K-Dramas.
Let’s Go: 가자 (ga-ja)
Really: 정말 (jeong-mal) or 진짜 (jin-jja)
Don’t Leave: 가지마 (ga-ji-ma)
I’m hungry: 배고파 (bae-go-pa)
What is this?: 이거 뭐예요? (igeo-mwo-ye-yo)
Do you want me to kill you?: 죽을래? (jug-eul-lae)
What’s wrong/ Why are you being like this?: 왜그래? (wae-geu-rae)
No way/ No: 안돼 (an-dwae)
Are you crazy?: 너 미쳤어? (noh mi-cheoss-oh)
Where are you right now?: 지금 어디야? (ji-geum eo-di-ya)
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I knew all of those! What was the show with kim woo bin and Lee Jong suk?
2 years ago·Reply
@DevonArce I'm assuming it's School 2013, since that's all I know they've been in together.
2 years ago·Reply
@baileykayleen thank you!!
2 years ago·Reply
I've used all of these!!!
2 years ago·Reply
이거 뭐예요? is a little more specific than, "what is this?" It is more like, "this thing right here, what is this?" You can just say, "뭐예요?"...also, if you say it angrily, it is the same as, "WTF's your problem!?"
2 years ago·Reply