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No one, and I repeat no one, is looking at you. No one is worried about how messy your ponytail is getting, or your amateur form during squats, or the amount of sweat pouring from your temples. Plug your headphones into your iPod or phone. Turn on your favorite playlist. Let your music drown out the rest of the world. Don’t worry about impressing the person next to you. Chances are they’re trying to impress the person walking across the room. Look straight ahead. Focus on your breathing. Run your mile in no specific time frame. Ignore the panting and the pain forming in your sides. Move onto the next exercise when you’re completely satisfied. Don’t let complicated machines keep you from trying out a new workout. And don’t let people who are bench-pressing his or her weight intimidate you. You’re just as strong. You’re just as determined. You’re just as worthy to be sweating on the same floor as them. Power walk to the next machine with confidence. Shut out the world. Get in a mindset that you will kill this workout as if your life depended on it. You got this. Being scared of the gym should never be a strong enough excuse not to go.