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Some of the first successful Asian Leopard Cat/Domestic Cat pairings involved the Siamese domestic breed. Initially these cats were known as Bengalese Cats. They are striking, beautiful, and oddly delicate cats. They take on many of the Siamese personality and physical traits. Later when the Asian Leopard Cat was breed with the domestic short hair, the Asian Leopard Cat traits become more dominant. My Bengal, Zephyr, is a giant compared to this guy.
Shooting photos of animals has far more to do with patience than anything else. I've spent 20 years with never less than two cats in my home - and as many as six - and learning the basics of cat psychology is a major help in knowing the best way to approach getting images that will display the cat's personality. ------------------------------------ Seymour belongs to a good friend of mine, an experience exotic cat owner named Randy. Randy's previous "pet" was a 30lbs F2 Savannah Cat named "Kong". Bengals can be very willful and headstrong. They are also physically equipped with larger paws and therefore claws, and they know how to use them with expert precision. For this reason Bengals are typically not suited for inexperienced or novice cat owners. Seymour is really the best mix of what you can hope for when breeding a wild cat with a domestic. He's loving, intelligent, mild-mannered, and playful. I am personally a HUGE fan of the Siamese breed. They are quirky and for sure they are an acquired taste. But they are loving, sweet, and exhibit high intelligence and adaptability. I fell in love with Seymour within minutes of meeting him.
Randy lives at the beach and has an amazing observation deck on the roof of his house. And Seymour finds it boring. He'd rather stand on the eves of the roof, 3 stories off the pavement below and making chirping noises at the birds in the trees just a little too far from his reach. Fearless is a way to describe this cat.
In all - he's a VERY different cat than my Bengal, Zephyr. He's much more like my Siamese Nona in personality. A distinctly exotic looking cat, he's a total sweetheart and a joy to photograph.