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"All good things must come to an end"
I am not sure I feel comfortable writing that since I was never a fan of twitter. I do, however, understand the significant role that it has had in influencing our current tech world. I mean everything has a hashtag (#ihatehashtags), and people think all content should be under 140 characters (#icantreadfortoolong). But now is Twitter's end at hand? For all you optimists:

Twitter’s C.E.O., Dick Costolo, Is Set to Exit

The man who had led Twitter for the last 5 years has stepped down after yet another bad quarter for the social media giant. This comes after 2015 Q1 reports show diminishing user base, and having changed all of Twitter's leadership last year. Now he is leaving, and leaving it in the hands of Jack Dorsey, founder and former CEO of Twitter.
So why leave all the cash of being the CEO of such a major social media site? Simple: He got tired of all the complaining.
- He had grown tired of people second guessing all his moves.
- He had grown tired of all of Wall Street pressuring his moves
- He had grown tired of failing to continuously innovate Twitter (or at least be reminded of it)
I'm guessing he felt a little something like this..... Wouldn't you?
Exactly @Goyo! I think they just developed their niche and stuck to it, instead follow the times. Should be interesting to see what happens to them in the coming years...
Twitter hasn’t seen many changes lately, and I feel they have a problem with adapting...He’s totally just throwing in the towel! Kinda a bad sign for the company...
@LadyExperiment maybe one day vingle will do that to places like tumblr
once again it shows the Facebook is better. time to put Twitter on the box that MySpace is in
@vinmccarthy I'm not either but it's definitely weird that something that had such a huge effect on our lives is now slowly dying...
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