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Game 5 is Sunday. Here's 10 reasons to root for the badasses from Cleveland known as the Cavaliers.

1. They have Delly.

In loo of Kyrie Irving's unfortunate injury during game 2 an unlikely hero has emerged for the Cav's. He's a random Australian named Matthew Dellavedova. He's the first to the ground to grab the ball and he is absolutely fearless. In game 3 he helped secure a Cav's win with 20 points, 4 assists and 5 rebounds.

2. They don't take themselves too seriously.

They don't have their gamefaces on all the time, only when it counts.

3. They've got style.

LeBron's pre-game move is legendary, and proves that he is a majorly iconic and stylish sports figure.

4. They're gentlemen on the court.

Yes, ther's a healthy amount of shit talking in any NBA final, but throughout the season the Cavs have shown sportsman-like conduct on and off the court.

5. They work as a team

LeBron and Kyrie may be the stand-out players, but every team has those. Every player on this team works together. Every person on the court is essential to their success.

6. They defy gravity

Come on with some of these jumpers!

7. They're resilient

Despite the injuries, the changes in the line-up and the media counting them out, the Cavaliers have proved time and time again that they are a top notch team, and deserve their spot in the finals.

8. They're the underdog

Even though they're the best team in the NBA (my opinion, clearly), people still call them an underdog because they're younger than Golden State and they have some inexperienced players starting due to injuries, but everyone's up for a great underdog story.

9. Cleveland has never won an NBA championship

The city has had a title drought since 1964, when the Browns won the Super Bowl. We need it.

10. They blatantly deserve it.

Though this season's highs, lows and everything in-between this team has fought for its spot. It wasn't glamorous and it wasn't easy, but they got there. The city of Cleveland has been through the ringer, sports-wise and deserve's a championship, because, well...this team is the best.
Go Cavs! #AllinCle
Here's a bonus gif of Kyrie Irving dancing, because you've been lost without it, obviously.