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This vlogger's room could probably make up a small beauty boutique if she wanted to. Just take a look at her impressive collection of lipsticks and palettes! Even if you don't have a big inventory to work with you can steal a few tips on makeup organization through the video. The tour is a bit long (because she does a lot talking) but it was definitely worth my 20 minutes.
Also, below are some makeup vanities inspiration for your next room makeover project.
There's so much going on in this photo but here's the takeaway:
1. Use cube bookcase for vanity display.
2. Save your cute shopping bags on top of the shelf.
3. Invest in bracelet holder.
4. Use cute food display to store little items.
Nail junkies! This one is for you. Learn how to make a super fancy rotating nail polish display + jewlery display!
Finally, if you have a LARGE makeup collection to work with...build a makeup wardrobe (inspired by Lisa Pullano at Dose of Lisa).
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If only half of my room can be as organize as hers.
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(ー ー;) that is an insane amount of make up
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