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Research has found that hula hooping for 30 mins expends as much energy as walking for 6-7km. As you use your muscles at a much faster rate in hula hooping than walking, you use up more energy within a shorter period of time. The study examined 16 women, ranging in age from 16 to 59, who regularly attended choreographed hula-hoop classes. The researchers measured the women's oxygen consumption, heart rate and rate of physical exertion as they completed a 30-minute video-led hula-hooping class. The researchers set out "to determine the effect of hula-hooping on physical fitness and whether or not the intensity from hula-hooping falls within ACSM guidelines for improving cardiovascular fitness," said study author John Porcari, of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. The researchers found that the average heart rate for the 30-minute hula-hoop class was 151 beats per minute, and the average caloric expenditure was equivalent to 210 calories for 30 minutes of hooping. The total energy cost, the researchers revealed, was enough to help people control their body weights. Source:
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ok me go revive my hula hoop before it disintegrates. Actually 15 min is already quite exhausing for me. tks for the motivation.
@oj1992 i laughed at your's time for me to dig my hula hoop out too! @pinkmonkey thanks so much for the info! :D
you are welcome! :D