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As seen above, eyebrows can make a big difference to your face. They're a feature of expression and they are bound up with your emotions. Which is why brows are important to most women. You don't want to give off a wrong message to others (sparse brows makes you look tired and overly arched brows makes you look angry). Learn how to use brow stencils create a brow shape that frames your face.
Where do you find brow stencils?
One of the most well-known brows kit out there. The brand offers a classic set for $20, but I love the palette and brush that comes with this set.
A UK brand specialized in eyelashes but they also carry brow makeup tools such as tint and colouring. Anyways this kit comes with 4 reusable brow stencils at an affordable price.
This is the cheapest you can find out there. It comes for 4 shapes (Curved Arch, Soft Arch, Structured Arch and Full Arch) and the stencils are reusable.
Ready to move on? Learn how to use brow stencils with a step-by-step guide below!
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I've been considering to get the Anastasia eye brow set. I'm not too fond of the price but I love how neat the brows look.
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@alise it's on the pricer side but it does a great job giving you a define brow.
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