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1) Standing while eating Eating while standing make us eat more than we need as we do not absorb the nutrients from our food as well as compared to sitting down. As a result we feel less satisfied even if we are already full. 2) Eating in front of a TV Eating in front of a TV or computer causes us to be distracted. As our brain becomes distracted, we subconsciously are unaware of the feeling of satiety and hence tend to eat more than we should. It is thus recommended to always concentrate on eating and not do other activities while you are eating. 3) Filling your plate to the brim with food Filling your plate full with food makes you eat more than necessary. Do not underestimate the amount of calories you consume for one additional tablespoon of food. Another recommendation would be to always use a smaller plate so that you do not eat more than you need. 4) Eating directly from the food packet Most of us have the habit of ripping off the packaging of snacks and start eating directly from the packet. This makes us unaware of how much we have actually eaten. It is always a good habit to portion out the food that we are going to eat so that we can have a better control of the amount that we have eaten. 5) Overeating on weekends We tend to suppress our cravings and eat less lesser on weekdays during our work. As a result, it is not surprising that most of us binge eat during the weekends when we are able to have more free time and freedom to ourselves. However, we need to be aware that there are 48 hours during each weekend and even though eating may make us feel good, what we eat on weekends can actually cause us to put on weight more easily. 6) Eating sweets immediately after meals This is common when we visit restaurants and are given sweets after our meals. We are taking in much more calories than we know if we take sweets consistently after each meal. 7) Eating in times of stress Most of us tend to eat more whenever we feel stressed because eating makes us feel good. However instead of eating, we can engage in other stress-alleviating activities such as going for a walk or watching the tv which can be a more effective and healthier way to relieve stress. 7)
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