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Orange is the New Black Released Early!

Orange is the New Black's third season was just released at midnight on 6/12/15, as an official tweet from Netflix confirmed late Thursday night. If you're planning on probably won't.
Check out the trailer below, or just start streaming now!
Yaas I love the Kosher meal side plot I think it's hilarious @beywatch
Just watched the first 2 episodes, imagining that I'd be binging till the weekend hours. WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS SHOW?!?!? Boring and unwatchable. I don't plan on seeing the rest of it. I'm disappointed.
Which episode is it? Is it early on in the season?
"Shabat shalom, bitch!" is officially added to my long list of borrowed quotes. Also I stopped watching during season 2, though maybe I'll give it another chance. Something about Pipper just bores the hell out of me.
I'm having mixed reactions about this season too. I'm on episode 9. eh.
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