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During summer, styling bangs can be tricky as they tend to be sticky in humidity. There's nothing more annoying than your fringe glued to your forehead, especially when you have spent the time styling it perfectly that morning.

Here are three hacks to keep it from loosing its style.

1. Carry a mini dry shampoo in your purse.
This handy spray will soak up any oil and refresh your limp-looking locks.
2. Get a good pair of scissors and trim your own fringe
You won't have the time and money to get your bangs trim at the salon, so do it yourself and keep your bangs in shape. It's easier than you think, so click click and get snipping!

3. Try a fine fringe over blunt bangs

Perfect if you're a commitment-phobe who really doesn't want to go for a serious fringe, but you just want something a little different around your face. This style is thin enough to be styled into a sideswept or pinned up into a bouffant.
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I love her hair style it is so carefree and beautiful.