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She's known for playing Zoe on Hart of Dixie, but Rachel Bilson has an amazing style even off the set of the popular TV show. Rachel is rocking a neutral-colored outfit with a pop of color in her bright orange blazer. Here's a recreation of the look for much less.
Orange blazer
As you might imagine, the bright blazer is the most important part of this outfit. Try to find an orange blazer that hits just at your hips so that it won't look too long paired with the dress. You don't want to drown in a blazer. If you aren't too gung-ho on the orange color, go for another bright hue — like bright blue or red!
Beige dress
For the rest of the outfit, try to keep it neutral-colored. Look for a dress that is a flowy and hits just above the knee, like the ones pictured above.
Rachel is wearing cuffed sandals that have fold over fabric. She is rocking sandals with a little bit of a heel, which you can do if you are feeling confident about walking in heels or if you don't have to walk a lot. I would probably more go for the flat version, just because I am so clumsy (I fell walking up the stairs of the subway the other day).
Finish off the look with a large black bag, a statement necklace and a pair of black sunglasses. You are ready to look effortlessly cool while the paparazzi take pictures of you!
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The bright blazer makes a big difference!