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For anyone that's ever questioned the point of reality TV, I've got a new show for you. The Hotwives of Orlando is Hulu's parody of the surprisingly popular Real Housewives franchise, which I've never been able to understand the appeal of.
The show runs like a long SNL sketch, surrounding the "glamorous" lives of several rich housewives with titles like "The Trophy Wife", "The Cougar" and "The Drug Addled Former Child Star". Several fascinating plot lines exist involving the housewives beginning a charity that supplies high heels for dogs, getting treated for their legitimate shopping addictions and pursuing careers in foot modeling.
It's satirical and sarcastic, which is really the only way I like to watch my reality TV. If that's not enough to entice you to watch the series, it stars some really awesome and hilarious women. The Office's Angela Kinsley, 30 Rock's Kristin Schaal and Happy Endings' Casey Wilson, just to name a few.
The scathing cultural critique of reality TV is perfect to watch when you're in the mood to really poke fun at the ridiculously popular, and oftentimes very shallow genre.
Season one is now streaming on Hulu.