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So let's say you're preparing an awesome Cuban-inspired party for your friends and family. Alright, well there's a few food items that are must-haves. But, if you just like me, and your party guests will include just yourself and a bottle of sangria -- that's okay. You'll have more food to eat after your drunken escapades.

Steps to fun:

1) Drink sangria. 2) Turn on salsa music. 3) Dance. 4) Eat Cuban food.

Croquetas de Jamon

I can't even begin to tell you how good these little things are! I am not sure what a name for these in English would be, but they I would translate them as, "hella good snacks with ham in it." Ham croquetas are the most popular, but they are made with chicken, too. The outside of this snack is made with breadcrumbs, and inside there is ham which is grounded up in a food processor until it becomes a smooth paste. When I go to parties, I stand by this area -- where the croquetas de jamon are. This specific area. Along with the alcohol...

Chicharrónes de Puerco

These are the tastiest things ever. I am not going to say that they are healthy for you. That'll be a lie. But are they pretty damn tasty? Yes. They are fried pork rinds/cracklings. Oh my gosh they are so delicious! This tasty treat is perfect during the holidays or whenever. If you like fatty, salty foods -- this is what your food heaven will taste like.

Pastelitos de Guayaba

(Guava and cream cheese pastries) Made with guava and cheese, these are the kind of snacks you can have whenever. Sometimes I grab one of these sweet boys in the morning for breakfast. You can find them in most Latin-based bakeries, or specifically, a bakery that sells or specializes in Cuban baked goods. If you're not familiar with guava, it's a sweet fruit. For this pastry, it's made into a sweet paste. The cream cheese gives the pastry a balance. And let's be honest, anything with cream cheese is pretty damn good.

Empanadas de Queso

(Cheese turnover) The middle is where it's happening -- it has melted cheese, which is surrounded in a fried or baked pastry. They can also be made with chicken or beef. You can leave it with just cheese, and you'll have yourself a finger-licking not-very-healthy vegetarian snack!
Gracias! Estos parecen deliciosas! No puedo esperar a probarlas! Me encanta el jamón Croquetas! (Thank you! These look delicious! Can't wait to try them! I love Ham Croquettes!)
Bury me in empanadas, seriously hahahah
From where? @feliciaking
ignore the meat
@danidee "smell amazing" more like "TASTE LIKE PERFECT"
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