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Friday, we meet yet again.

This week literally flew by and I honestly think it would've felt so much longer if it hadn't been for my current beauty faves to give me a bit of a pick me up.

When you think morning pick me up, coffee is probably the first thing that comes to mind. In my case, a few beauty products throughout the week definitely helped me feel exceptionally beauty and put that much needed pep in my step.

Beauty Fave #1: Myth Lipstick

Myth Lipstick by MAC Cosmetics has hands down been one of my favorite nude lippies for the last couple of years.

Whether I'm wearing it solo with a liner or layering another color on top, this lipstick never seems to fail me. The perfect nude color to complete any look. It's not a myth that myth lipstick is simply amazing.

Beauty Fave #2: Zara Black Amber Perfume

I recently purchased this fragrance on a whim.

I had no intentions of going into Zara to buy a new perfume, but after testing out the perfume -- I couldn't resist. The smell is heavenly. I could literally wear this scent every single day. The soft notes of amber, vanilla and floral leaves you smelling sweet and fruity without being too overpowering.

Beauty Fave #3: Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion

I've been switching between my Carol's Daughter Lemon and Rose Hand Cream and Lubriderm for the past two weeks.

Much to my surprise, I ended up keeping the Lubriderm in my bag. It's an amazing lotion that leaves my hands moisturized and soft. I usually go for lotions with a scent and although the Lubriderm is fragrance free, it serves its purpose.

Beauty Fave #4: Wet N Wild Eyebrow Pencils

I used to be a huge MAC stan when it came to their eyebrow pencil in 'Spite' until I was introduced to a much more affordable option.

Ever since I purchased my first Wet N Wild Eyebrow Pencil, I've been addicted. Although I am literally down to the last little bit of my pencil, I wouldn't have made it through the week without this amazing pencil. Even though it's specifically for your eyebrows, I use it for both my brows and to line my lips. Two for one!

Beauty Fave #5: Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme

If you were asked me what foundations I've tried, I would probably tell you I've tried them all -- which isn't too far from the truth.

Becca has been my foundation holy grail for the past couple of months and it definitely lives up to it's name. This foundation gives you that full coverage look without looking like you've just caked on tons of makeup. Between this foundation and the help of my beauty blender, getting ready in the morning this week has been a breeze. I feel flawless.