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Woody Allen's 2011 film Midnight in Paris has one of the best pieces of advice for any aspiring writer.
Obviously, I've never met Ernest Hemingway. And I don't know too much about him as a human being. But if he was anything like Corey Stoll's portrayal of him in this film, then he must have been one of the most intense people in the world.
In the film, Hemingway is one of my favorite characters. He is constantly giving advice to Gil (Owen Wilson) about his craft. In a way, through Hemingway, Woody Allen is giving us -- the audience -- the same advice.
Essentially, the two pieces of advice we get from Allen via Hemingway are:
1. To be confident in our writing 2. To write with passion.
These are things that I know but don't remind myself to do that often. So, thanks Hemingway, or Woody Allen or Corey Stoll (for portraying him in such an intense way).
If these two scenes interested you, I left the trailer below and you should definitely watch the whole thing if you can!
@nicolejb, He's honestly my favorite part of this film. When he showed up I felt my brain slowly exploding with excitement. Hahaha
Hemingway had such an interesting life, and I think they really casted him well for this movie. I really enjoyed what you said about his advice because I think those two things embody everything about him: confidence and passion.