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Cara Delevingne looked her usual trendy without trying a few days ago when she stepped out in NYC. Cara demonstrates how versatile overalls can be (compared to Selena's here) as she lets the top hang down to expose her cute crop top. Find out below how you can get her look without spending all your money!
Start with the eyelet tee.
Eyelet is everywhere this summer, and looks pretty, adding a touch of femininity to more modern styles. Cara's tee is cropped just above her belly button, but if you don't want to reveal so much midriff, you can definitely get a longer cut.
Get the look here and here for under $20, or here for under $50.
Next are the overalls (rolled way down!)
Cara rocks a lightwash distressed pair, with the ankles cuffed and the torso folded over for a true overall transformation. When you put yours on, roll or cuff the ankles a couple times, and buckle the straps before pulling them off your shoulders and folding the front over. Find a great pair here and here.
Now for Cara's classic brogues.
Cara's pair are great because they're easy, fun, and work any time of day, any season. They dress up the overalls without the discomfort of high heels, and are still casual enough to run errands in. Find a comfortable pair in leather or faux-leather, as suede is too fall-like in this style. There are great options here, here, and here, all under $60!
Don't forget those statement sunglasses!
Cara's are a funky version of the round cat-eye hybrid, in black and white. Find a similarly statement-making pair here, or go for a more low-key version of the style here.
To finish off the look like Cara, throw your hair into a messy, high ponytail, and tie a scarf or bandana casually around your head as a makeshift headband. Do you feel like a model off-duty yet?
I love her necklaces probably the most out of everything she's wearing in this. I wish I was better at layering necklaces like that.
I like Cara but this is my least favorite style from her. She looks like she just woke up, threw on that headband and forgot to put on her overall straps.