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Popsugar posted 6 ways to get your metabolism roaring, and I wanted to share some extra tips that have helped me a lot!

Get Your Java EARLY

Caffeine in coffee and green tea is a super metabolism booster! Your daily cup of coffee can boost metabolism by five to eight percent. Just make sure you keep your habit to one cup a day for coffee!
Perfect Cold Brew - Here
Cold Brew Too Strong? How About Perfect Iced Coffee - Here
Plus did you know that coffee can reduce signs of depression for women?!
Green Tea:
How About a Green Tea Smoothie - Here
or Lemongrass Iced Green Tea - Here
or Better Yet, Green Tea POPSICLES - Here!

Start Your Day with Whole Grain

Dietary fibers and complex carbs that help speed up your metabolism! Start your day with these filling grains like overnight oats or whole grain toast and peanut butter!
Breakfast Ideas:

Drink More Agua

You need to stay hydrated, it's as simple as that. One University of Utah study showed that people who drank eight to 12 glasses of water a day burned more fat than those who only drank four.
Fancy Water:

Get Into HIIT Workouts

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) plan like Tabata, since it can burn a whopping 13.5 calories a minute — and double a person's metabolic rate for 30 minutes afterward.
Try these:

Spice Up Your Dinner

Spices have a big effect on your metabolism and can get your body burning fat ASAP! If you can't take the heat, spices like turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon also have been shown to help your body burn more fat.
Try these:

Catch Some Zzzs

Along with the incredibly long list of reasons why you should be sleeping a normal amount each night, multiple studies have linked weight gain to a lack of quality sleep.
Here's how:
A solid breakfast is the best ;)
I have found that sleep also helps out my appetite. When I'm tired I get reallllly hungry!
yes I agree sleep is so important! on days I dont get enough sleep I feel like I binge eat more
I will definitely be using these health tips! Thank you!