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Dear Players of League of Legends,
Please stop. Please, oh dear god, just stop. Stop with the unnecessary hate, the terrible things you say to one another, the terrible attitudes and manners when a teammate isn't playing according to the protocols you have concocted in your head. Yes, I understand that maybe Riven shouldn't be going 0-3 against Tryndamere. Yes, maybe the ADC isn't making every single last hit that he needs to. I need you to know, League of Legends players, that these things are ok.
Why, you ask? Why are these things okay? Well, I will tell you, stranger. It is because this is a video game. Shocking, I know. But yes, this is a video game, designed for the players to have fun while they play it. Yeah, maybe you want to get your rank up, hell, maybe you want to become a challenger. Well, you know what? You probably aren't going to. Chances are, if you're in a queue with these players that you're so mad at for being "trash feeders" then your MMR isn't getting you out of Silver any time soon. But you have to know, you really, really need to know, that this is okay. It is okay not to become a professional League of Legends player. There are a myriad of other things out there that I'm sure you have the potential to be great at! It just won;t be this. So don't hold everyone else to this impossible standard to which you cannot even rise.

This game used to be fun.

It can be fun again.

I have to believe that.

Disenfranchised Summoner