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If you've been on the Internet in the past ten hours, you know the third season of OITNB was released early on Netflix. I, for one, barely remember season two, having binge-watched it almost a year ago. In order to do the same with season three tonight, we need to remember where we left off.
Piper has grown cold and devious in prison. After learning that Alex is planning to skip town, Piper has her ex-fiance and best friend (who have recently fallen in love) alert Alex's parole officer. Alex is caught and sent back to prison.
We didn't see much of Alex in season two because she was out of prison. Since Piper turned her in at the end the season, I expect we'll see a lot more of her in season three.
Vee is the villain of season two, almost killing Red in a power struggle and subsequently attempting to set up Crazy Eyes for the crime. She gets hers, though, at the end of season two. After escaping from prison, Rosa runs her down with a van, leaving her bleeding on the side of the road.
Red is last seen recovering from her attack. She does play an important role in proving that Crazy Eyes did not attack her and accusing Vee of the crime.
Daya is still pregnant with Bennett's kid, and it remained a secret for most of the season until Bennett confessed to Caputo, his supervisor. They decide to keep the relationship a secret.
This is just some of the drama inside Litchfield. These highlights should get everyone ready for the OITNB marathon that I assume will be happening all weekend.
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