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The Huffington Post shared an incredible full-body workout that will have your heartbeat racing and muscles burning in just twenty minutes!
Just do the moves below for the allotted time and you'll see a stronger fitter you in no time!

Sideline Sprints

There is a reason these are often called suicides. They are not an easy thing to do, at all. It works every part of your body and your heart will be racing from the first go!
Step 1: Starting at one end of a five yard line, begin sprinting as fast as you can to the other side.
Step 2: Once you reach it, change directions, tapping the ground with your leading hand.
Step 3: Continue repeating for one minute.

T-Stabilization Pushup

In the beginning, go ahead and try this on your knees and graduate into the full plank pose!
Step 1: Move into a plank position and lower into a pushup.
Step 2: As you return to the original position, shift your weight to the outside of your left foot, stack the right foot on top of the left, and reach your right arm high toward the sky. Hold this extended side plank for a moment before returning to the original position.
Step 3: Complete another pushup and find a plank on your right side. Continue repeating at your own pace for one minute.

Lateral Tuck Jumps

Find a line on the ground, even just a crack in the side walk and be sure to warm up your ankles and knees before doing this exercise.
Step 1: Stand to one side of the line with both legs and feet held closely together. Lower into a slight squat, and push off the ground, tucking the knees toward the chest as you shift laterally in the air to the other side of the line.
Step 2: Land on your toes first. Lower into another slight squat, and jump with knees tucked again back to the original side. Continue repeating for one minute.

Downward Dog to Spiderman Plank

Your core will be buuuuurn the entire time but it is so worth it! This targets every muscle in your body!
Step 1: Move into a plank position with your core engaged.
Step 2: Lift your right foot off the ground and reach your knee toward your right elbow, shifting the majority of your weight into your hands. Reach the foot back to the original position, and lift your hips back and toward the sky as you find the downward dog position.
Step 3: Return to the original position and repeat the knee reach on the left side, ending with another downward dog. Continue repeating for one minute.

Walking Single-Leg Deadlift

Get the ultimate bubble butt with this simple move. You might look a little funny, but its all worth it in the end.
Step 1: Using the course you set for first set of sprints, stand at one end with feet together, hands on hips, posture nice and tall. Take a step forward with the right foot, keeping a slight bend in right knee for balance, and hinge forward at the hips as you lift your left leg into the air behind you. Make sure you keep your back straight, and continue moving forward until you feel a moderate stretch in the right hamstring.
Step 2: Remaining balanced, return to an upright position as you bring the left foot down and take a step forward. Keeping a slight bend in the left knee, hinge forward again as you lift your right leg into the air behind you.
Step 3: Slowly return to the upright position, and continue repeating for one minute. If you reach the other side before the minute is up, simply turn around and start backtracking.

Alternating Leg Raise and Toe Touch

The final push is all about the abs and this move targets lower, upper, and side abs!
Step 1: Lie on your back with your legs stretched out straight in front of you with your arms by your sides.
Step 2: Reach the right arm up overhead. Use your core strength to simultaneously lift the left foot straight toward the sky as you reach your right hand toward your foot (tap them together if you can!). Lower to the original position and complete two more reps.
Step 3: Swivel the arms so that your left arm is now overhead. Left the right foot and the left hand together to repeat on the opposite side. Complete three reps before alternating sides. Continue repeating for one minute.
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I swore off suicides after I graduated high school and was off the tennis team haha!