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Your bag can say so much about you, so make it fun! That way people will think you are super fun (even if you aren't). I have a bag obsession and putting together this card without buying one of these bags was incredibly difficult for me. Gold star for me for not giving in... yet.
The "I wish I was laying on the beach" backpack
Let's be serious, no one wants to be stuck in an office during the summer, no matter how much you love your job. And I don't know about you, but I can't afford to take the three months of summer off to go lounge on some tropical island (plus I don't think my boss would be too happy about that either). The solution? Bring the tropical with you with a beachy print on your work bag. Just don't daydream too much at work about the beach after you look at your bag. This one is $27, so you can enjoy the tropical print while still saving up for that summer vacation.
The "I might be carrying a hamburger in this purse" bag
The shape of this purse is pretty unique (and the perfect shape for stashing a hamburger to eat later). The crochet detailing on this bag is super cute and will distract people when you pull out your hamburger in the middle of the street. And you can stock up on hamburgers to fit in it because it is just $19. Okay, now I'm craving a hamburger.
The "I'm a Martian" purse
Yes, I do believe that the Martians all carry similar bags while walking (or hovering) to work. The metallic tint of this bag gives it a fun, futuristic feel. You will still be able to save up for that weekend trip to Mars (which will be a thing one day) because the bag is $20. The purse is also a cross-body bag, which makes it convenient for you to run around and do all the things that you do. And there is even more to this purse because it is a great conversation starter. "I like your bag. Where did you get it?" "Mars." Just imagine the bonding that could happen with that conversation.
The "I'm still living in the carpet-bag era" weekender
I'm nostalgic, and, sometimes, I like to pretend like I'm living in periods that I actually never lived through. And it is for that reason that I love this bag. It will allow to live out my dreams of adding carpet-bag era flair to my outfit. This bag has a distinct Reconstruction Era carpet bag feel. The carpet bag is about the only thing I like from that time period — it was a pretty rough period for the U.S. It's also big enough to be a real weekender (not like those cheap facsimiles) and it is $20. This way, you can be a modern carpetbagger and take a little trip down south (or up north).
The "I may or may not be in the mafia" purse
"I'll make him an offer he can't refuse." Actually, I'm making you an offer you can't refuse. It's this bag. And don't act like you are going to turn my offer down. The chain detailing around the edge of this bag gives it an edgy (or mafia) feel. And at $25, you can buy it and still be able to pay off the mafia that is following you. And remember the number one rule while rocking this bag: "Never let anyone know what you are thinking."
The "I need to look sophisticated" bag
With a super shiny finish, this bag is reminiscent of glossy red lipstick, which is the epitome of classy. You will look super sophisticated carrying this purse, even if you participated in a walk of shame that morning. And no one needs to know that it only cost $25 and isn't actually a Chanel bag. Don't worry: this bag has got you covered.
The "I'm too cool for school" backpack
Yes, I'm very well aware that a backpack that is "too cool for school" is an oxymoron, but just go with me on this one. Even if you aren't in school, a backpack is a great bag for carrying all of your essentials and not weighing you down. And I completely understand (especially if you aren't in school anymore) that you don't want to look like the stereotypical person carrying a backpack (is that a stereotype?). Don't fret, this bag — $30 — allows you to be inwardly nerdy while making you seem like you are oh so cool. The faux leather gives it an edgy, rocker feel and the all black gives it... well... more of an edgy, rocker feel. And this bag will definitely get you points to becoming a rocker in the next life.
The "I like steel-toed boots" bag
My dad works in construction and tells me how great of an invention steel-toed boots are (except for in a lightning storm). This bag reminds me of steel-toed boots, a much girlier, bag-version of steel-toed boots. Okay, really the little metal pieces just remind me of metal, and I know there is metal in steel-toed boots. So actually not really like steel-toed boots at all. Anyway, this bag is nice and structured and just big enough to hold all of your essentials. It's also only $25. Get your steel-toed fix (yes, I just made that up) and rock this cross-body bag.
The "If you stare at the center long enough, the circle will start to move" bag
The design on this black cross-body bag reminds me of one of those mind tricks that you see online where you eyes play tricks on your mind. I don't like those things because my eyes and brain have a hard time communicating enough without those tricks. But there are no tricks with this bag — it's $25 — and is great for frolicking through the park or going out at night. And if anyone messes with you, whip out this bag and play mind tricks on them.
The "Can you tell I loved Tweety Bird and Big Bird as a kid?" purse
Or maybe you still love them, no judgment here. This bag, in case you can't tell, is a popping bright yellow and will stand out with any outfit. The yellow gives off a summery feel, which is great since it's summer and everything. The chains on the strap gives a more adult feel (because for some reason, I have to dress like an adult). With this bag, which is $23, you can strut your stuff down the street and say, "I thought I saw a putty cat." Perfection.