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He's becoming a heart-throb to fans everywhere!

He's 16 years old, in high school, soccer extraordinaire, and the son of David and Victoria Beckham. I'd say his life is pretty great? YEAH.

Here's his second magazine cover and he seems much happier compared to his first frowning debut.

Fun Fact : He works at a coffee shop. So hipster.
"Brooklyn has been working for two and half years at the café down the road, washing it up on Saturday and Sunday. I think that's good. I had a Saturday job when I was younger and he loves it. It gives him a little bit of cash as well."

His professional modeling career did a kick start in March 2015 when he graced the cover of Man About Town.

Why so glum?

It didn't stop there. He went on to appear in a campaign for a Polish clothing brand Reserved, as well as a photoshoot for the New York Time's T Magazine.

Many pictures from his photo shoots are above.

You can fill in the blank.

The great thing is he looks like a totally normal kid? Like, he's pretty good looking but also just looks like an average teenage boy.
If Zoolander was a family and not just one dude, it would be the Beckhams. They're all really, really good-looking.