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Lookig for an easy way to get the tousled look to your hair? Here is a way that works really well for me. The way I do it gives my hair lots of volume and is super easy. You'll need a hair brush and a blow dryer, and if you want to you can rub either moroccan/argan oil or a heat protecting serum to protect your hair from the blow dryer. I start with damp hair and flip my head upside down to blow dry it which amps up the volume a lot. Once it is completely dry, I then seperate my hair into two parts and twist them up as shown in the picture. Using the blow dryer, I turn up the heat as hot as i feel is safe for my hair and go over that section of twisted hair for a couple minutes, ensuring that my hair gets hot, and then let it rest on my shoulder as I do the other side. then I go back over it and blast a bit of cool air on it to set it and then comb through it with fingers. Some of you may alreafy know this trick, but I really love it and wanted to share with anyone who doesnt already know it. Thanks! :)
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Awesome! Will be trying this tomorrow! Thanks for posting!