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Milverton really made us miss Moriarty. Gone are the days when you could have a civil conversation with your nemesis over tea. Now we have to deal with our enemies threatening our wives and pissing in our fireplaces. These truly are dark times.
Gross. However, it sounds like we might have something to look forward to in the (very, very) far off season 4. So if you do get a visit from your nemesis while you wait, here are a few suggestions for what to serve.

Irene Adler

We all know she doesn't play fair, and you shouldn't either. Which is why strawberry jalapeno iced tea is the way to go.The luscious red strawberries will be hiding a malicious secret: a serious jalapeno bite.
INGREDIENTS: 1 cup very ripe strawberries 1 jalapeno seeded and sliced 1.5 L boiling water 1 lemon or lime in wedges INSTRUCTIONS: Place fruit and herbs into a large jar or pitcher. Pour boiled water into the jar and let sit 1-2 hours. With a wooden spoon gently press the fruit and herbs, bruising them and pulling the flavor into the water. Refrigerate, pour over a glass full of ice and serve with a hint of regret, wearing a disguise or nothing at all.

Jeff Hope

Who doesn't like mind games? (Hint: nobody likes mind games). If you have a nemesis that likes complicated games that involve poison, serve them a cup of this Princess Bride blended tea. Made with "Earl Grey, Irish Breakfast, and a hint of raspberry jam. Romance, adventure, and revenge". Hopefully they will forget that they were instructed to kill you.


Maybe nemesis is too strong a word for this visitor. Nuisance? Either way, you want him out of your flat, he's embarassing you. The best thing to do is brew some (immune boosting) elderberry tea and pretend you have something infectious until they go away.
INGREDIENTS 2 cups water 2 tablespoons elderberry syrup or one heaping tablespoon of dried berries (or to taste) 1 cinnamon stick 2 cardamom pods 2 whole cloves Honey (optional, to taste)... INSTRUCTIONS: Serve in a dinousaur mug with a side of eyeballs in the microwave.

Jim Moriarty

Pull out all the stops for this one. You probably don't have long to live if he shows up. The Moriarty blend from Adagio might spare you for a few more minutes, but make sure to have some apples on hand. The symbolism will be too perfect to ignore.
Hahaha excellent. I do want to say that this post inspired me to watch an episode of Sherlock last night, and as always, it was SO GOOD (John and Mary's wedding episode. Loved it. Almost cried.)
Hahaha. Love this! First off, it made me giggle. But second off, I think I'd actually like to try some of these teas!!
That's AWESOME @allischaaff ! You picked a great episode to start with. The last episode of season 1 is fantastic, so if you feel like going down the Sherlock rabbit hole...
Haha thanks @allischaaff I definitely recommend the Princess Bride blend and the Elderberry tea, even on days when your life isn't being threatened by your arch enemy