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SpaceX is creating technology that is literally out of this world. Billionaire founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, announced his plans today to create a satellite that would to provide low-cost global Internet service.
The satellite will orbit at an altitude of 650 kilometers, about 150 km closer to Earth than most other communications satellites. This technology would help with the lagging internet problem some of us face. SpaceX plan to launch two prototype satellites into space named MicroSat-1a and MicroSat-1b hopefully next year.
What does this mean for the world? A couple of things, it means SpaceX could have a monopoly of the first-ever global internet. And monopolies are never good. The whole world will want to get their hands on space internet, and that allows them to play with the price.
But luckily for us, there are some competitors that are also looking at developing the same kind of technology. Facebook and Google were in the space race for a bit, but backed out because they realized it was a big comet-ment.
Virgin Group founder Richard Branson joined up with Qualcomm to back a rival satellite technology known as OneWeb. They hope to launch their satellite in 2017.
It also means that these companies are leaders in the global telecommunications world and rival giants like Comcast and Verizon. So does this mean less angry phone calls to our two favorite telecomm companies? Let the race begin.
It’s a fascinating idea, bringing internet to third world countries that may not have the technology to provide it. Now it’s up to these companies to make it happen.
Talk about atmospheric pressure!
@linbur0100 U make a great point. As far as development and initiating it, I think it is fair to put our trust in him. It is in the expansion of the service (any service for that matter) that other competitors must arise. This is true for the development of any market, regardless of whether it is tech or not
I actually think this would help alleviate the current monopoly situation we have, at least in the US. Plus, Elon Musk has the tendency to develop new technology and then offer it at great prices (or even free) if it's for the betterment of humankind or the planet. I can't think of any other entrepreneur I'd trust more to develop such a program, and if it galvanizes the industry to action and helps get rid of the current unfair practices employed by the Mega ISPs, then it will be well worth it. :)
AH @caricakes you are so right. Maybe we’re ok because the Kingsman are watching out for us? Also, that movie was super dope.
@linbur0100 Interesting point! In his annulment he really did seem optimistic and truly wanting to make a difference in developing countries. We’ll see if he follows through!
Okay but did anyone watch Kingsmen? He could use the internet to make all its user's heads explode or something (unless Colin Firth saves us...)
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