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For those of you looking for a lunch time pick me up on the last day of the week, here are a few fan-made comics featuring our favorite detective Sherlock Holmes, and his motley assortment of friends, clients, enemies, and housekeepers. This one drawn by Kate Beaton is the source of the "John loves jam" meme, in case you were wondering (one day I'll get rich off all my obscure Sherlock fandom knowledge).
Julie Cohen's take on The Adventure of the Empty Hearse, in which Holmes instructs Mrs. Hudson to trick an assassin by using a puppet in the window. The premise taken to its logical conclusion, clearly.
Speaking of Mrs. Hudson, Tumblr user aristofranes has an entire series dedicated to the adventures of the put-upon housekeeper.
Sheldon comics usually follow the adventures of a sarcastic duck, but the artist made time for Sherlock Holmes, who would probably have some catching up to do if he found himself in this century.