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Let me tell you a story.

It's the story of a young, nerdy kid who was hooked on computer games. Specifically, Warcraft III and Starcraft.
These games meant a lot to this kid, because they were fun, interactive outlets where he could socialize with friends, friends that he was never sure really liked him all that much.
These games were a happiness for this kid, and they taught him early lessons about teamwork and resource management.
These games had compelling narratives, where heroes fought villains on a grand scale, with the goal of saving the world, or the galaxy! There were extreme stakes, and this kid, our protagonist, was ecstatic to be in command of such an adventure.
Our young hero, this kid, he was not only ecstatic to be part of this adventure, he was also grateful to the almighty Blizzard for providing him with this opportunity for greatness. He loved Blizzard for it.
So much did our young protagonist love these games. So much. And then, out of the blue, a magical new experience was announced.
That magical new experience? What was it!? You ask, enraptured. Well, I will tell you, excited reader.

It was Starcraft: Ghost.


Could life be so sweet?
This game promised all of the action of Starcraft, all of the intergalactic alien violence, all the balls-to-the-wall craziness brought to the first-person perspective.
For those unfamiliar with a Ghost as it pertains to the Starcraft universe, they were a unit specific to the Terran race (the humans, effectively) who could go invisible and operated as spy-soldiers with sniper rifles.
What's more, they were the only unit capable of calling for a nuclear warhead.
Yes, excited reader! Yes! Nuclear weapons were available, and brought to you by the ghosts. So this game was promising to deliver the be-all, end-all of first person shooter experiences, well before the tactical nukes of Call of Duty.
Our young protagonist was overjoyed. In a time before it was popular, he actually pre-ordered this game, and paid for it in full, well in advance. Such was his delight at the promise of the GREATEST GAME HE WOULD EVER PLAY.
Unfortunately, this is not a tale with a happy ending.
I know, reader, I know. Take your time, let the tears come. We understand.
The game was simply too awesome for this world.
Too precious.

Too beautiful.

It was delayed once. Then again. And again.Then the studio development handed over development to another studio. And Ghost died in development hell. technically classified as being on "indefinite hold," Starcraft: Ghost will likely never see the light of day.
And our young protagonist? Our noble hero, starry-eyed and full of hope for the game of all games? Well, he never quite got over it, so much so that to this day he laments the loss of it.
Enough to rant about it on the internet, even.
Yes, dedicated reader. That young boy is me. Shocking, I know. And yet true. The game has become like a ghost in true form. Wandering, listless, in the realm between the real and the unreal.

A 21 Yamato Cannon salute for the dead.