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Congratulations Grad!!!

Zendaya Coleman is so happy because she walked across stage to get her high school diploma! The Disney Channel star and pop singer has finally reached this great achievement. The high school ceremony took place at Oak Park High School which had more than just one star in attendance. Zendaya as well as famous Olympic gold-medalist Gabby Douglas walked to their seats together! Actor and Comedian Bob Newhart also was in attendance because he was speaking at the event as well as there in support of his grandson. He's most famous from his role in 'Elf'. All of the stars didn't distract from the event, " I think it's important to our community that we come together to celebrate the achievement of everyone," said Kevin Buchanan, principal of Oak Park High School.
"Keep your sense of humor. Follow your dream. I did and I've been lucky." - Bob Newhart
"It's really important for young people to see other young people striving to get their education. Both my parents are educators, so hopefully I inspire some kids out there my own age to go out there and keep doing it." - Zendaya
Who wouldn't want Taylor Swift tweeting and instagraming you on your graduation day? Talk about awesome!!!
Taylor Swift also put a slight self promotion with her 'Bad Blood' co-star on Instagram.
But again, Taylor is crying of happiness because Taylor is known for publicly complimenting and gushing over her friends and their accomplishments and her life is too perfect for her to not be happy. ADORABLE.
See? She's just like the rest of us who are already binge watching OITNB. #Goals
And of course, many of her fellow fans were sitting in the audience with her. So selfies of course.

Well, you're already successful Zendaya, so the only way to go is up!

She's such a babe. She's one of those stars that I can see doing really great things in the future.
YAY ZENDAYA. She's the cutest. Congratulations~