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Getting tired of sageuk and makjang dramas? Here are four dramas with interesting storylines that will give you some great laughs (and good drama as well).
Let's Eat tells the story of divorced lawyer, Soo Kyung and insurace agent, Dae Young that live in the same officetel. While they are opposite in personalities, they come together thanks to their intense love for food (I don't recommend watching this drama on a empty stomach).
The highlight of this drama is all the elaborate and dramatic explanations of food by Doo Joon in each episode. Not only will this drama leave you laughing, it will also leave you hungry.
Master's Sun revolves around the story of Joo Joong Won, a sarcastic and cynical CEO and his "ghost-seeing" employee, Tae Gong Shil. Throughout the drama, Gong Shil helps Joong Won's business using her unique abilitiy.
Both leads make this drama highly entertaining. Gong Shil's amusing character struggles with the ghosts (that also occasionally possess her) she encounters and the people who don't believe her stories. Paired with Joong Won's insanely sarcastic character, this drama couple has a interesting and hilarious chemistry.
Fated to Love You tells the story of a ordinary office worker, Min young and chaebol boss, Lee Gun, who are forced to start a relationship after her unexpected pregnancy while they were on vacation in Jeju island.
Lee Gun's ABSOLUTELY CRAZY character is what makes this drama so funny. Although he is handsome, he is the total opposite of the typical charming chaebol heir. His eccentric personality, weird facial expressions, and crazy laugh make this drama worth the watch.
If you're looking for a short, eccentric AND funny drama, Surplus Princess is the one for you. It's tells the story of a mermaid (yes, a real one) that falls in love with TV show chef while simultaneously showcasing the difficulties of being young and unemployed in Korea.
While there is a lot of crazy stuff going on in this drama, the supporting cast is fantastic and adds to the comedic vibe of this fantasy romance drama. If anything, watch it for the random Attack on Titan music.
Seriously. I DON'T recommend watching Let's Eat late at night.. I made that mistake and I was ALWAYS so hungry when I saw all the food they were eating. (≧▽≦)
@poojas I dont know if I want to watch it or not... the characters changed except for Doo Joon.. so I dont know how I feel about it.. xD
well a lot of ppl will hate me but I cdnt like masters sun I really tried I really did but it wasn't my type at all 😔 anyways I am watching fated to love you nd I extremely love it sooo much nd @poojas you need to add personal taste, emergency couple marriage not dating, Secret garden and rooftop prince to this list they or extremely funny I must say the best rom coms I have seen in my opinion nd I highly recommend it to u see it if you haven't watch it yet. 😊
@StephanieDuong I know right! I still watched it that way anyways, lol. Have you seen Let's Eat 2? I'm not sure if I should give it a shot, haha.