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Sarcasm, don't people say thats the highest form of humor? Or maybe they said the lowest. And by they I mean my Latin teacher. He was sick of my shit from day 1. He had me for 3 years. I just didn't understand why I couldn't take Spanish.
Needless to say Sarcasm will always pull a reaction out of the person you're speaking to, but I can not promise it will be a positive one. There are many cases when sarcasm works perfectly in a conversation. For example, if you are talking to an extremely sarcastic person. However, there are times when sarcasm doesn't just fall bombs. Here are some times when you shouldn't use sarcasm.
1. When you are texting Everything over text is so confusing. Unless you drop an "lol" every other text, someone is bound to think you are mad at them or in a bad mood. So trying to use sarcasm over text just seriously does not work out well for anyone. A simple sarcastic comment can escalate into something way bigger since you can't hear tone of voice or read a facial expression. I would just save the sarcasm for phone calls, since we all just love that form of communication.
2. When its "too soon" Its awesome to joke about your friends mess-ups and breakups. But because sarcasm is usually harsher then most forms of humor, you have to wait a good amount of time before you can really dig in about the "super awesome" cordless keyboard that your friend has to use because they spilled lime juice all over their laptop while making fish tacos. In that case, wait till they have a new computer, because having a messed up one seriously sucks. I am currently typing on a cordless keyboard so I would know.
3. When you're meeting someone new Everyone loves sarcasm, but they have to actually like you first to get it. If you are super sarcastic right off the bat the people you are meeting are going to think you're a total jerk. Wait until they see that you can actually be nice before you criticizing everything under the sun.
4. When arguing with your parents. This will only end terribly for you. If you are already in hot water with your parents, don't make it worse by answering sarcastically. It will just sound like you are talking down to them which will get you a quick slap in the head if you aren't careful. Sarcasm lacks any respect which is what makes it so funny, but using it to explain to your mom how you "obviously didn't mean to crash the car because you don't have a death wish" is an extremely terrible idea.
So live free and prosper my sarcastic friends! You are always so funny and so hurtful and its awesome. Just try and keep these few things in mind when using your ever so charming wit, because if you don't, you'll pretty much sound like a dick most of the time.
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I think what you meant to say was it always works.