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After spending several months in prison herself, ex-Pussy Riot band member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, staged a brief performance in public where she dressed up in a prisoner’s outfit and pretended to sew the Russian flag.
And got sent to jail again. Nice job Russia.
The more that these women have been staging protests, the more recognized they seem to become. After speaking out and staging protest for a number of things including: feminist causes, LGBT rights, and opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
And humor seems to be the theme of Pussy Riot’s protests.
“Without humor it is impossible to live in Russia,” Pussy Riot member Maria Vladimirovna Alyokhina told the Guardian in an interview after her release from prison.
Being a famous and popular punk band, the members of Pussy Riot really have the influence to start a change.
Because there is power and influence in popularity.