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Cullen Quigley is *this close* to being the next Tyler Oakley.

Like, for real.
Have you seen his YouTube channel? It's called Cullen Quigley.
Easy to remember.

Sounds like someone to CALL ON QUICKLY!

He's been sharing all sorts of MUST-READ cards on Vingle, which basically means:
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He wrote THIS CARD, which shot past TWENTY-NINE THOUSAND eyeballs in less time than it takes to get in and out of a Walmart! (I wish all my Kamp Kris cards did this well!!!)
Cullen Quigley...If you're reading this, then you should know that I follow you and look forward to your content. Thank you for keeping me entertained.
Yours very truly,
Darcy Bendt
If I type @cullenquigley here, then he will be FORCED to read my card...and boost it to 29K views. :)
Wow! Thank you so much! I'm very flattered. It's really great to hear that people enjoy my videos :)
His "Fleek" and "Obvi" remarks on YouTube are killing me!
Pssst! I just saw on twitter @cullenquigley is trying to get Amy Schumer to get pizza with him! So of course I thought of this card!