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This masterpiece of a platter is called Bandeja Paisa. It's eaten for lunch or dinner, but I'm a fan of big breakfasts! So, I had this for breakfast. It's a huge platter with all sorts of delicious goodies. It cures hangovers. It keeps you full all day. It give you the best post-breakfast nap. It's a dish from Colombia. If you're into hole-in-a-wall authentic food places, you can find this plate for about $7. Back at home in Miami, I have so many positive memories eating this dish, because it was with my bestfriend. We had a thing for a hole-in-a-wall restaurants where can get loads of Latin dishes for very cheap. But they were very good, and they were authentic. And we were never on diets. ;) This dish is typically served on an oval tray. Of course, with just like most Latin dishes, there are similar dishes to this in other countries. Although, the recipe may vary a bit. Unbutton those pants -- this isn't a light dish.

What's In It?

- Chorizo (sausage) - Arepa - Chicharrón - Avocado - Fried egg - Carne molina (ground beef) -Sweet plantain -Rice -Beans
@arios025 Sameeeee. @alywoah THIS LOOKS AMAZING. I can practically smell it through my screen. Is that small sausage in the main picture a chorizo? I've never seen it as a link, just crumbled into different recipes.
OMG OMG!! I want
Yes, it's a chorizo! :)
i need to find a Colombian restaurant..asap!